Independence Day 2015

July 4th became my second favorite holiday last year, once I saw how amazing it is in a small town. I love everything about it. I love the history (of course). I love the sense of camaraderie. I love the Red, White, and Blue. I love the food. I love the fireworks. This year there was even more to love!

Thursday after work, we drove out to the Wilkins for a cookout. It was a blast! The food was delicious and Kelly had organized a game of Water Balloon Volleyball. It was so fun! I definitely want to play again as soon as possible!

Friday was a day off for the clinic and hospital staff. It was also the day of the parade! I participated in the Steele Memorial float. I have to say, it was gorgeous! All I did was hand out Otter Pops and necklaces, but it was a blast!

The rest of the day on Friday we crashed.

Saturday, Trey was planning on firing up the grill and cooking up some meat for us to eat for a while. Ellen and Adam and the Adkins ended up joining in on the fun and we just made an impromptu party of it!

Last year, I missed the Demolition Derby. But, not this year! And I’m so happy I went. It was crazy, wild, funny, and about a hundred other emotions!

After the Derby, we came home and got ready for bed. Then we sat on the trampoline and watched the fireworks. It was a perfect day!



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