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Independence Day 2015

July 4th became my second favorite holiday last year, once I saw how amazing it is in a small town. I love everything about it. I love the history (of course). I love the sense of camaraderie. I love the Red, White, and Blue. I love the food. I love the fireworks. This year there was even more to love!

Thursday after work, we drove out to the Wilkins for a cookout. It was a blast! The food was delicious and Kelly had organized a game of Water Balloon Volleyball. It was so fun! I definitely want to play again as soon as possible!

Friday was a day off for the clinic and hospital staff. It was also the day of the parade! I participated in the Steele Memorial float. I have to say, it was gorgeous! All I did was hand out Otter Pops and necklaces, but it was a blast!

The rest of the day on Friday we crashed.

Saturday, Trey was planning on firing up the grill and cooking up some meat for us to eat for a while. Ellen and Adam and the Adkins ended up joining in on the fun and we just made an impromptu party of it!

Last year, I missed the Demolition Derby. But, not this year! And I’m so happy I went. It was crazy, wild, funny, and about a hundred other emotions!

After the Derby, we came home and got ready for bed. Then we sat on the trampoline and watched the fireworks. It was a perfect day!



Sapps in Salmon!

Trey’s family was just here! It was such a great (albeit whirlwind) visit. The best part was definitely seeing ALL of the cousins together again. And especially all of us Salmon Sapps getting to bond with Max.

Let’s do it again soon!

Madeline’s Tea Party!

Okay, I just have to brag on this one. I threw Madeline the most amazing 11th birthday party ever! Totally stole the idea from our next door neighbors to have a tea party at the Rose House. She had done that for her baby shower and I completely fell in love with the house and knew Madeline would love to do her birthday party there. It was just as lovely as I had imagined!

It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas!

Well, this Christmas season is off with a BANG! We’ve been doing all of the traditional things and it’s been so fun.

First, there were the decorations!

I was so glad my parents were able to help with putting up the tree.

Here are some other decorations around the house:

Secondly, there’s Advent!

This particular tradition was started by Trey’s mom. For years, every Sunday leading up to Christmas we light a candle, read Scripture, and receive a gift. We also do a Scripture reading, activity, and piece of candy each night in our home. That’s what the bags are for. I love the first Advent Sunday, because Trey’s parents give us money to pick out gifts from the Samaritan’s Purse catalogue. These gifts go to support missionaries, projects, and the less fortunate all over the world. Each kid picks out a specific gift. It’s so fun! And Big Mommy didn’t miss a beat! We received a package in the mail the other day with all four of our Advent Sunday gifts/activities.

Third, is the weather!

It’s snowed several times already and that’s been fun. It just makes everything look so beautiful. It’s also been cool. Honestly, 35 here feels about like 50 in Georgia, so it’s been really comfortable. What I’ve really enjoyed has been the clouds, fog, and frost. I wish these pictures did the frost justice. It’s so pretty! Every morning lately when we wake up, everything is kind of gray and silver and sparkly. All of the tree limbs, the grass, everything! IMG_3239 IMG_3240

I love this picture I took driving down Main St. the other day! The cute little town, the trees on the hill, the cloud, and then the snow on the mountain.


Fourth, the parties!

We’ve already got a couple of Christmas parties under our belts.

The hospital and clinic host a party for all of the employees’ kids. I took the older three on Thursday night, and they had a blast!

Celyn planned a Christmas party at SVBC that was amazing! It was called An Evening in Bethlehem and she hit it out of the park! I’ve never seen the Fellowship Hall look so pretty. There was a ton of yummy food, pretty music, and a great speaker. It was so fun and just a great kick-off to the Christmas season!

So, we are in full-on Christmas mode here in Salmon! I am so thankful for my kids this time of year. They make the whole thing so magical. Hope you are all having a merry and bright season as well!


David’s LEGO Party!

Well, we ended up having to cancel David’s “friend” party this year, because we were all still pretty sick. But, I had put a lot of work into it, so we still did a pretty decent “family” party. He got cake and lots of candy, so I don’t think he minded too bad!

I’m super-proud of this cake. Honestly, if we’d had friends coming over, I would’ve been a lot more meticulous with the icing. But, I could barely stand up, so it is what it is! I still think it was pretty darn cute! I made funfetti cake layers, for a little extra color. I made the buttercream and then used Oreos as the LEGO pegs. It’s supposed to look like stacked LEGOS and I think it turned out pretty well! The LEGO men and blocks were super easy to make. I used a mold I found on Amazon, melted some white chocolate, added some food coloring and voila!

It was hard to find a LEGO font because everything is copyrighted, but I finally found this one. I just printed it up and glued it one red poster board. My intention was to hang it up, but again I could barely stand up, so this window sill worked!


I hand drew on these napkins and t-shirt to look like the different LEGO men faces. I stole that idea from a party my sister-in-law did for my nephew last year. I think they were so cute.

IMG_3072 IMG_3079

I had lots of games planned for all of his friends. Our family did one: Guess How Many LEGOs in the Jar. Aren’t we an exciting bunch? Sean won, incidentally.


At the end of the day, I think he felt loved and important and that’s all that matters. Happy birthday, David! You are a joy!

IMG_3070 IMG_3083

Baby G’s Shower!

A couple of weeks ago Heather, Donay (Celyn’s mom), and I hosted a baby shower for Celyn. This is their third child, but it’s been five years since they had a baby in the house, so they were definitely in need of some baby things! It ended up being super easy and a lot of fun.

Heather had the idea to do a “waffle bar.” We asked people to bring their waffle irons and a topping and that was that! I think there were six waffle irons going at one point and people brought some yummy toppings. I made plain waffle mix and a pumpkin spice waffle mix (I’ve since made pumpkin spice waffles three times for the family- yum!).

I’m so particular about baby showers, apparently! Haha! I just love to keep it simple. I’m not a huge fan of games. I’d rather just sit and visit! We did put out a table with diapers for people to write funny messages on for those late night diaper changes. Sometimes a good chuckle helps!

IMG_2907 IMG_2908

Presents! Celyn sure does have some generous friends. Paisley was her helper as she opened all of her goodies!

Okay, I don’t usually like diaper cakes (I told you, I’m particular about baby showers!), but these two I LOVED! The first one her aunt made. I think there’s like 340 diapers on this cake! I love the bright colors and creativity that went into it. The second one is a diaper bouquet! Isn’t it precious? A lot of time and effort went into these.

IMG_2903 IMG_2917

And here is a picture of us ladies! I love each of them so much. They have encouraged me, challenged me, and taken me and my family in since we moved to Salmon. My heart is full!



*With guest photographer, Heather Yeazle!


So, this has been one of my favorite Halloweens ever! It hasn’t always been my favorite “holiday,” but as I’ve gotten older (ironically) it’s grown on me. I love Fall now, which hasn’t always been true. I love the excitement in the air as the kids look forward to candy and dreaming up their costumes. I love the Gothic decor. I love the music they play on the radio (Thriller, Monster Mash, etc). And this year, I loved being in Salmon!

Thursday night the hospital and clinic had a 10 year anniversary celebration of the hospital. We did a bon fire and cookout in the parking lot and it was just so much fun! The kids had a party at school that day, so they were already in costume. Madeline got to go trick-or-treating with Paisley and her family (thanks Celyn) down town. That was really cool! It’s called the Merchant Trick or Treat and all the shops on Main St open up and everyone (everyone) goes and gets candy. I had a front row seat, even though I was working, as the windows in the switchboard face Main St. It was so fun seeing all the kiddos (and some grownups) dressed up and having fun!

After work, I ran and got the kids from Trey (who was having to work late) and we went right back to the clinic for the bon fire.

So much was out of my control this year. The kids carved their own pumpkins at school. And as much as I would’ve loved a “family night” doing that together, it was so nice not to have to worry about it! They turned out really cute anyway! And their costumes! Talk about out of my control. Just from working full time and not having the time, and them having their own minds anyway… it was interesting to say the least. Sean has been threatening for years to go as HIMSELF. I never let him, because as much as I admire that confidence… no. But, this year he got the idea that he would wear David’s clothes and David would wear his. That was cheap and easy and they were both excited. So, that’s what they did on Thursday (I’ll get to Friday in a minute). Madeline was a beautiful Indian princess and Charli wasn’t having it at all. So that was Thursday.

Here’s Sean’s jack-o-lantern:


Friday was a work day (much to the kids’ chagrin… they figured it was a national holiday). But, the whole clinic dressed up in camo, so that was fun. Trey was in full-on Harvestfest mode and since I was working, Heather took ALL of the kids for the day. Huge help! She fed the kids, decorated cupcakes, fixed hair, the whole nine! Amazing!

So, Sean was a bandit, Madeline was Batgirl (complete with a mask her Daddy made), Charli was Elsa, and this time David refused to dress up. Good thing I was too busy and tired to have an opinion! Haha!

Last night we all met up at SVBC’s Harvestfest, organized by none other than Trey! It was such a great event, if I do say so myself. Tons of people came out, the candy was flowing, the games were fun, the costumes were amazing. Just a great time! The Women’s Ministry outdid themselves with chili and baked goods they handed out for FREE! The great thing about this event for this Big City Girl, was being able to relax. In Marietta, I couldn’t let the kids out of my sight for a second for fear they’d be snatched. Here, they could pretty much roam free, checking in with me now and then. They could also do the games over and over and over. Every event like this we’ve ever done they would get to do each game maybe one time because you had to wait in line forever! Small town perks.

It was a great weekend! I will cherish these memories for a long time. Thanks to my hubby for all of his hard work, thanks to our church family for volunteering some long and hard hours to make it awesome, and thanks to Heather for giving my kids a GREAT day! Love you all!

And now…


Happy November!



The. Cake.

I’m so uber-proud of the cake that I made for Charli’s Ariel party, that it gets it’s own post.

Months ago I started looking at cake ideas on Pinterest. I just had a hard time finding a cake that I was capable of doing. I finally thought that I could just do a cake that looked like water and stick an Ariel cake topper on it. As I was looking, I thought it might be fun to do an ombre cake. Katie did one for Bella and Evalyn’s “pink” birthday party a couple of years ago and it was so cute. That’s when I found this tutorial:

I love the woman’s Australian accent. She’s so calming and she reminds me of my friend Christie, back in Georgia. Anywho, she made the ombre cake look so simple! And I knew I could do it.

So, last week I made the layers. Confession: the cake was supposed to have four layers, but my impatience got the better of me. It’s a long story, but I dropped the top layer on the floor. Bummer. But, three layers turned out just fine. Phew!

After making nine loaves of zucchini bread on Charli’s birthday, I decided to stay in that “creativity” zone and go ahead and ice the cakes. I was ridiculously nervous about the whole thing. I just kept telling myself, “Whitney, this is for a four year old’s birthday party… not the queen.”

The first thing I did was make my buttercream. I make a mean buttercream, I have to say. I layered the cake and frosted the whole thing with a thin layer of the white icing. Then I put it in the fridge to harden so the frosting doesn’t get cake crumbs all in it.


While that was hardening in the fridge, I made five different shades of blue icing. You add a few drops of food coloring to the white, then put a bit of that into a ziplock baggie. Then you add more food coloring to make it a little darker and repeat the process until you run out of buttercream! Again, my impatience got the better of me and I didn’t take pictures of everything.

I started with the lightest color and worked my way down.


Cut off a corner of the baggie and squeeze out smallish blobs all around the circumference of the cake.


Then take a baby spoon and “pull” the bob down with the back of the spoon.


After you’ve “pulled” all of the blobs, repeat the process with the next darker color.




With the darkest color, just squeeze out the blobs around the bottom of the cake and that will cover up any mess you may have made!


Keep a bowl of warm water handy to dip your spoon in. It helps!


Place Ariel on top and voila! It really does look like ocean waves. Very proud of myself for this one.



It was certainly a labor of love, but I get such joy from tackling these things for the kiddos. And it was fun to have Charli help.

Celebrating Charli!

Even being far from grandparents and loved ones, I think Charli had a very special birthday! Still can’t believe that girl is FOUR.

Her actual birthday was on Thursday. My friend, Evalyn, had brought us some beautiful zucchini the day before, so we decided to make zucchini bread. The zucchini was huge! We only used half of it and that made NINE loaves! It was a fun project for a little girl who really loves to help in the kitchen. Shout out to Ellen who grated all of that zucchini!

IMG_2243 IMG_2245 IMG_2248

That night her request for her birthday dinner was Savage Grill. The restaurant is just down the street from us. It’s an amazing burger joint. Her Highness loves the corn dogs (what princess doesn’t?). So, that’s what we did.

The day after her birthday was party day! She had been requesting an Ariel party since last year, and she never wavered. Not once. That’s my girl!

So, we called the only motel in town with an indoor pool (it’s cooling off here in Idaho) and asked if we could do her party there. They said yes, so that’s what we did! We started at the house with pizza and cake and then went for a swim.

She screamed for the first 10 minutes in the water. Screamed. Like we were torturing her in boiling oil or something. She loosened up a bit after that, but finally just got out and snuggled Ellen for the rest of the party. The other kids had a blast, though! I hope her memory of this party is the beautiful cake I made her and not the terror we put her through… In my defense, the last couple of times she’s been in a pool she’s had a blast. I have no idea why she flipped out this time! Anyway, all in all she said she loved her party. The most important thing was that her friends were there. She felt loved.