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So, Trey and his college-buddy Tony came up with this crazy idea for all six of us to visit Spokane (6 hour drive from Salmon) and stay with he and his lovely family. I have to say I think it was brave for them to take us all in. I can’t say enough how much fun we had. They were amazing and generous hosts and spoiled us rotten!

Madeline’s Tea Party!

Okay, I just have to brag on this one. I threw Madeline the most amazing 11th birthday party ever! Totally stole the idea from our next door neighbors to have a tea party at the Rose House. She had done that for her baby shower and I completely fell in love with the house and knew Madeline would love to do her birthday party there. It was just as lovely as I had imagined!

The Spornbergers Take Salmon

…and it wasn’t a complete disaster!

My parents came to see us at the end of May and we had such an amazing time with them. We definitely redeemed last November’s trip when everyone was so sick and Mom ended up in the ER. They got to see some of the country and we just had great, quality time! We took them to some of our favorite places, ate some of our favorite foods, and made some new favorite memories!

Spring and Summer Pictures

Between me working full-time, Trey working full-time and having Daddy-duty, visiting family, birthdays, holidays, life, school, church we’ve been a little busy. Our cup runneth over.

Life Lately

Dentist Trip

Going to the dentist is a bit more of an ordeal than it was in Marietta. For the kids, anyway. There’s a perfectly fine dentist in town, but we wanted the kids to go to a pediatric dentist. Fortunately, we found a brother team in Idaho Falls: pediatric dentist and orthodontist in one office. We’re going to need both.

The office is so cool. It’s set up like an old-timey train station. So, while they had to wait, they had fun playing. They all did great, but Trey and I walked out of the office and just held each other in the parking lot for a few minutes. Madeline had five baby teeth pulled to make room for her ginormous adult teeth that are already coming in. Sean had three cavities and David had eight. EIGHT. I’ve never felt like such a failure! We have really cracked down since then. We help them floss every day now. And we’re making sure that they’re actually brushing twice a day, which I’m pretty sure they weren’t doing before. Ahem!

Girl Scouts

Madeline joined the Girl Scouts back in September! She has been loving it. She just finished her first year selling cookies. She is a natural sales-woman! With virtually no help from her mom, she did amazing! I took this picture when I was putting her badges on her sash. It really took me back.


Our TWELTH Anniversary!

It kind of went by in a blur this year! Trey got me some beautiful purple tulips (my favorite and we had them in our wedding!), we got fish and chips from Bertrams, and I baked a pound cake. Pretty exciting stuff! Not to sound too cheesy, but it really just keeps getting better and better. There’s nobody that makes me laugh like he does. We’ve had plenty of ups and downs, but I really think our marriage is stronger than ever. I’m very thankful for such a man. These are the only two pictures I took on our anniversary: the cake and a car selfie on our way to church. We are so glamorous!

IMG_4090 IMG_4092

Church Stuff

We love both of our churches. Well, all three! They are all spoiling us. There’s lots of exciting things happening in our ministry. Here’s David and his buddy Dallen at church a few weeks ago. The second picture I took this morning. Shaking my head.

IMG_4113 IMG_4195

I’m still enjoying teaching the kids’ Sunday School class. Trey preached this morning. We genuinely love these people.

Recently, the Men’s Ministry of SVBC hosted the church’s biggest outreach event of the year: The Beast Feast. Which is exactly what it sounds like! The men and boys had a great time, which gave the girls’ and I time to ourselves.

So thankful that these two have each other! They are blessed, indeed.

The 2015 Plague

IMG_4135 IMG_4142

It came on all of a sudden. It included vomiting, high fevers, and upper respiratory stuff. It hit Charli and David. It lasted six days. Six. I’ve never had a kid have a fever for that long! It was a nasty bug, but we are all on the mend. Thankful for good doctors and nurse friends that can give us advice!

Jackson, Montana

For Sean’s birthday he requested a day at the BIG hot springs in Jackson, MT. It’s a couple hours from Salmon (near Big Hole and Bannack, for you geography fans). It was a lovely, relaxing day. We were even able to stop at Dairy Queen and the fancy Safeway grocery store (complete with a Starbucks) in Dillon.

I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but I did get a few. These were taken outside of the lodge where the hot springs are, in Jackson.

Je suis Charli(e)

And finally, Je suis Charlie! We just had to stop and take this picture outside of Bertram’s today, after lunch.


Hope this post finds you and yours well and happy! We sure are enjoying this Salmon Spring. We’re looking forward to Easter, more family visits, and a crazy busy summer!


Valentine’s Decor <3

My Valentine’s Decor collection has grown over the years. Discovering Hobby Lobby’s outrageous sales the day after any holiday was really helpful (and fun)! So, last year I stocked up (apparently, I’d honestly forgotten). I also got a couple of things from Zulily this year. If you’ve never done Zulily, you should check it out. Cute things at good prices.

My absolute favorite, though, is a gift that Madeline made for me this year at school! Like, it’s LEGIT pretty… not just I love it because she made it! It’s this beautiful coffee filter wreath.

I love love! Happy Valentine’s Day (belatedly) to you and yours!

A Day in the WESTERN WILD (Big Sky Country Edition)

I hate to brag, but this is going to be a very pretty post. Because today was a very pretty day. Because God is just cool like that and He made all this stuff and it’s beautiful. We drove to Dillon, Montana. Nobody enjoys a road trip like Trey and I (our kids definitely don’t). We drove over Bannack Pass on the way there and Lost Trail Pass on the way back. We saw snow, clouds, sun, rainbows, animals, historical sights, people, new places (I’m definitely a fan of the grocery store there. It’s SAFEway, not SAVEway like we have here. And quite a difference. Wal-Mart is to Saveway as Target is to Safeway), mountains, rock formations, and ice fishermen.

We fit a lot into this day! And we will definitely be heading to Dillon again one day!

It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas!

Well, this Christmas season is off with a BANG! We’ve been doing all of the traditional things and it’s been so fun.

First, there were the decorations!

I was so glad my parents were able to help with putting up the tree.

Here are some other decorations around the house:

Secondly, there’s Advent!

This particular tradition was started by Trey’s mom. For years, every Sunday leading up to Christmas we light a candle, read Scripture, and receive a gift. We also do a Scripture reading, activity, and piece of candy each night in our home. That’s what the bags are for. I love the first Advent Sunday, because Trey’s parents give us money to pick out gifts from the Samaritan’s Purse catalogue. These gifts go to support missionaries, projects, and the less fortunate all over the world. Each kid picks out a specific gift. It’s so fun! And Big Mommy didn’t miss a beat! We received a package in the mail the other day with all four of our Advent Sunday gifts/activities.

Third, is the weather!

It’s snowed several times already and that’s been fun. It just makes everything look so beautiful. It’s also been cool. Honestly, 35 here feels about like 50 in Georgia, so it’s been really comfortable. What I’ve really enjoyed has been the clouds, fog, and frost. I wish these pictures did the frost justice. It’s so pretty! Every morning lately when we wake up, everything is kind of gray and silver and sparkly. All of the tree limbs, the grass, everything! IMG_3239 IMG_3240

I love this picture I took driving down Main St. the other day! The cute little town, the trees on the hill, the cloud, and then the snow on the mountain.


Fourth, the parties!

We’ve already got a couple of Christmas parties under our belts.

The hospital and clinic host a party for all of the employees’ kids. I took the older three on Thursday night, and they had a blast!

Celyn planned a Christmas party at SVBC that was amazing! It was called An Evening in Bethlehem and she hit it out of the park! I’ve never seen the Fellowship Hall look so pretty. There was a ton of yummy food, pretty music, and a great speaker. It was so fun and just a great kick-off to the Christmas season!

So, we are in full-on Christmas mode here in Salmon! I am so thankful for my kids this time of year. They make the whole thing so magical. Hope you are all having a merry and bright season as well!


Photographic Proof!

My parents were actually here! We didn’t get many pictures, because there just wasn’t much to photograph (wahhhh, boohoo). After mom’s little visit to the ER, she started to improve and we had a couple of normal evenings where we got to eat together and just be together.

I have to say, I’m glad this trip is over and now we can just look forward to the next one, with NO illness!

Happy 6th Birthday, David!

Dear David- Today, you are SIX years old! That is really hard to believe for your old mom. Six just seems awfully big to me. You came into this world six years ago a weekly earlier than expected! You’re the only one that did that. Madeline, Sean, and Charli were all a day late. And you’ve striven since Day One to establish your individuality in this family.

I always say that if the other kids got caught with their hand in the cookie jar, they’d immediately yank it out and start apologizing. Not my David! You would take the time I’d use to walk from the doorway to you to shove as many cookies in your mouth as possible. That’s just how you approach life.

You love life! You love playing and imagining and creating and learning. Right now your favorite toys are Legos, Superheroes, and any kind of dress up. Your favorite things to watch on TV are Star Wars and Ninjago. You love playing sports and playing outside. You are excelling at school (even if we might need to work on some of those behavior issues. Ahem). You are a joy!

You never stop. You are constant energy and motion. You are curious and fearless and I admire that. You don’t always know to not cross the line, but you’re learning. You are intense. You are funny. You can always make us laugh and you have no problem being the center of attention.

Your creative mind amazes me. You’re just a brilliant kid. You don’t wait around for a toy to appear, you make it if you want it! Your most recent creations were a house you built for Olaf and a light saber you made out of cardboard. You have an engineer’s brain. I don’t know what you’ll be when you grow up, but I could definitely see you getting into engineering.  But, you’re also so artistic. We always get comments on how advanced your artwork is.

You love your family and friends with every fiber of your being. You look up to Daddy and Sean and you are definitely a Daddy’s Boy. That’s okay, as long as you’ll snuggle me every once in a while.

You’re just a fantastic kid. From the top of your little auburn head, to your lonnnng eye lashes, to those stinky little boy feet, you are awesome! I couldn’t be prouder of you. You make me happy. You’ve challenged me. You’ve brought me to my knees in prayer. I love being your mom. I love hearing you laugh. I love watching you learn. Thank you for being you, Little Man!

My prayer for you in your seventh year is that you would increase, “in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man,” as our Lord did (Luke 2:52). I pray that you would seek to please Him and honor Him with all that you are. We are always here for you and will always love you.

What an adventure your last year was!

David, we love you so. We are so thankful you are part of this family. Life would be so boring without you. God bless you!

Love, Mommy