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Trey Shot A Bear

I just feel like this deserves it’s own post. The story is his to share, but there you have it. I’m kinda proud of my man.



A Productive Weekend

It started with a trip to Ace Hardware.

Trey had his own projects that weekend and I had a couple of pieces of furniture in desperate need of help! Trey was so awesome and stopped periodically to help me with my projects.

Here’s the first piece. It’s a vanity that I wanted turned into a desk. I paid $24 for it at The Pack Rat.

One of the perks of living in Idaho is the dry air. Comes in super-handy when you’re painting furniture. In Georgia, you have to give things a couple hours to dry, but not here!

The second piece I did was the girls’ dresser.

David’s LEGO Party!

Well, we ended up having to cancel David’s “friend” party this year, because we were all still pretty sick. But, I had put a lot of work into it, so we still did a pretty decent “family” party. He got cake and lots of candy, so I don’t think he minded too bad!

I’m super-proud of this cake. Honestly, if we’d had friends coming over, I would’ve been a lot more meticulous with the icing. But, I could barely stand up, so it is what it is! I still think it was pretty darn cute! I made funfetti cake layers, for a little extra color. I made the buttercream and then used Oreos as the LEGO pegs. It’s supposed to look like stacked LEGOS and I think it turned out pretty well! The LEGO men and blocks were super easy to make. I used a mold I found on Amazon, melted some white chocolate, added some food coloring and voila!

It was hard to find a LEGO font because everything is copyrighted, but I finally found this one. I just printed it up and glued it one red poster board. My intention was to hang it up, but again I could barely stand up, so this window sill worked!


I hand drew on these napkins and t-shirt to look like the different LEGO men faces. I stole that idea from a party my sister-in-law did for my nephew last year. I think they were so cute.

IMG_3072 IMG_3079

I had lots of games planned for all of his friends. Our family did one: Guess How Many LEGOs in the Jar. Aren’t we an exciting bunch? Sean won, incidentally.


At the end of the day, I think he felt loved and important and that’s all that matters. Happy birthday, David! You are a joy!

IMG_3070 IMG_3083

Last Week

I defy the best meteorologist on the planet to move to Salmon and try and predict what will be happening five minutes from now. Much less tomorrow or three days from now! I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Dark clouds will move in and cover the entire valley for hours. You just keep waiting for the downpour, but then the sky clears and it’s blue and hot as Hades! It has been very, very hot here the past couple of weeks. We’re so much closer to the sun, so I’ve noticed our vehicles get a lot hotter a lot faster. The one good thing is the lack of humidity… if you can find shade (which, let’s face it there’s not a ton of trees down here in the valley) it’s perfectly comfortable.

Anyway, last Monday was one of those dark cloud days. So, swim lessons were cancelled. Madeline was at Water Camp, so the boys and Charli and I went and played at the playground. Usually I give them about five minutes. Usually, I’m so hot we head out or they’re so hot they start wilting! But, because of the dark clouds they played for about an hour and I started reading a book that my friend Andrea had sent me!


Andrea’s husband helped with some editing, so he got a shout out in the Intro!


We met Trey for lunch that day at El Taco Grande. It’s kind of like Taco Bell, but we love it! Haha! For a limited time they’re selling pulled pork tacos and they are amazing! They’re Trey’s favorite food at the moment.

The rest of the week was normal stuff… swim lessons, constant contact, and me painting old furniture (one of my favorite pasttimes).

Charli is hilarious right now. She’s got a ton of personality (as usual) and barely takes the time to breathe she’s talking so much. She still has her old-lady tendencies, but we’re seeing more and more of her being a real kid and brave!




This guy lost his second tooth this week (and the tooth fairy even came on time, believe it or not!). I knew it was loose, so this time I was emotionally prepared.




Here’s the furniture I painted. This chest of drawers for the guest room was $20 at IKEA. I used some Annie Sloan chalk paint I brought from Georgia and some pulls I got at Hobby Lobby before we left and voila! Much better!


This piece I bought at my favorite local antique store, The Pack Rat (a very appropriate name, btw). It was just a wooden case and I think the black paint makes it look much better.


Thursday was the night that two of Madeline’s girlfriends spent the night. They were so sweet and the three of them had a blast!


Friday I took all the kids (including Madeline’s friends) to the pool. We spent the whole day there! It was so fun. I love having older kids. It’s such a surprise because I loved the baby stage so much. But, I love the freedom and independence they have now. It’s an easy trip to the pool, compared to the last nine years with swimmie diapers, wipes, sippy cups, hats, swimmies, and a million other things. Phew!


Clearly, not the best picture of me ever. But, I wanted to document this because Charli asked to get in the water. After stressing out with trying to force her last year, I completely let it go this year and decided I would never even mention her putting her little toe in. She definitely took the day to warm up to the idea. She started on the steps and put her feet in. Then, she stepped down up to her knees. Next thing I knew she was putting her face in! Pretty soon she asked me to take her deeper. She would let go of her monkey-leg grip on me and kick her feet. She even “jumped” to me a couple of times! It was a blast, and I do want to pat myself on the back for backing off and letting Miss Independence figure all of this out herself.

Another Day, Another Project

This one was pretty simple. I’m sure it’s something I saw on Pinterest at some point. But I wanted a cute, cheap bed skirt for our new bed. Mostly cheap.

Burlap is basically the only fabric I can and should work with, so that’s what I bought right before we left. I MISS HOBBY LOBBY wahhhhh!

Anywho, I basically just pinned it to the box springs.




Easy peezy. Maneuvering the king sized mattress around was not easy. When I tried to put it back on top of the box springs it started ripping all the pins out. So, I just waited for Trey and he muscled it up there for me.

It’s nothing fancy, but it makes the room look prettier!


“New” Lamps

So. Have I mentioned how much I love the thrift store here? I’m pretty sure I have. I was there two Mondays ago. I saw these lamps:


I loved the shape and the base! I wasn’t completely crazy for the green or the flowers and convinced myself that Trey would be less than thrilled if I brought these home. He’s already been teasing me lately for my “old lady” style and I thought these might just put him over the edge.

But, as the week went on I’d think about those beauties just sitting there in the thrift store for $4 a piece. It would come on me when I’d least expect it: grocery shopping, walking into Odd Fellows, driving through town. I couldn’t escape them.

On Friday I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to see if they were still there. They were! I snatched them up and headed to Ace Hardware to buy spray paint. I was undecided on what color they would be until I saw the glossy apple red. That was it!

I came home and set to prepping the lamps to be painted. I’m sure that somehow I could’ve taken them apart and just painted what I wanted to paint. But I’m too lazy and don’t have the patience to figure something like that out. So, using camouflage duct tape, syran wrap, and plastice grocery bags, I covered up all the important parts.




Then I just went crazy with the spray paint.


The way the sun was shining this late in the evening and having stared at them for so long I kind of freaked out that they were orange, but once we brought them inside I was pleased to see they were fire engine red! Incidentally, I brought them inside and had to take them back outside about 3 different times because of rain (twice) and the white fluff from the cotton wood trees that’s been floating around town.

I let them dry overnight (amazing I had the patience for that) and took all of the plastic off on Saturday. At which point I went on Walmart’s website and ordered some cute lampshades for them. They arrived first thing this morning!


Ta-da!!! I’m so pleased. One is sitting next to the couch and the other is on the kids’ desk upstairs on the landing. I just think they have so much character! And I think we can all agree that I never would’ve thought to paint those flowerdy green lamps before Pinterest. Thank you, Pinterest!

The Green House

Not, the “greenhouse.” Though, in my dreams I have a greenhouse filled with beautiful flowers and plants and herbs. No, no. The green house.

We’ve settled on the “green house.”


It was built in like, 1910, and it’s just a super-charming Victorian. It definitely needs some TLC and the rooms are small, but it has so many pros that it won in our hearts!

From here on out, this post will be incredibly tedious and is intended for my mom, Trey’s mom, and a handful of others who desperately are concerned about our living conditions. I’m not offended at all if you shut down your browser and go watch a little Barefoot Contessa or something.

Okay, so the house sits on a corner lot. The front yard is tiny. There is a narrow space along the side of the house that has gravel for parking. The other side of the house has a yard that is a nice size, and completely fenced in (yeah Butters!). The back of the house is another gravel driveway (shared with the next-door neighbor, that is apparently only around occasionally, because they live somewhere else).

Front of the house…


That fabulous playhouse is going with the owners.


I can’t wait for their swing to be gone, and for us to get a couple of rocking chairs or something on that porch.


The front stoop is kind of sad, but it serves it’s purpose at the moment.

Here’s the side of the house with the gravel parking spot…


Entrance and living room…

This is what you see when you walk in the front door (they are going to paint and replace that carpet).


I didn’t get a great picture of the entrance, but it has this wallpaper we’re hoping to convince them to let us take down. It’ll be a fun space to decorate.


In this picture you can see that there’s a bathroom on this level. Those double doors lead out to the porch and the big side yard that’s fenced in.



We love the wood stove!


Half of the kitchen…

I’m so special, I forgot to get pictures of where I will actually be cooking. It’s a great kitchen! New countertops and cabinets. We will have to buy a fridge, but apparently there’s a great second hand shop in town for things like that.


In this picture you can see the stairs that lead up to the second floor, where the kids’ rooms will be.


The guest room…

Nothing too exciting about this room, except that it’s the first time we’ve ever had one in 11 years of marriage. No more sleeping on the fold-out couch or on an air mattress in the living room when you come to stay with us! This is next to the living room.


Master bedroom…

When you walk through the kitchen, there are these stairs that lead upstairs, but right next to them is the door to the master bedroom. If you keep going, you hit the laundry room and another door outside to the gravel driveway.


This is a really interesting master bedroom. It’s nice and big and has three closets. It also has a couple of stairs into it. Again, this will be super fun for me to decorate and I’m curious how many times I’ll rearrange furniture over the next two years!


From the room looking back toward the door.



I know it sounds kind of childish, but I’ve never lived in a house with stairs, and I’m excited about it!


Plus, there’s this cute landing that I can decorate.


From the landing, looking at the bathroom (door on right), the girls’ room (door in the middle), and the boys’ room (door on left).


The upstairs bathroom has a clawfoot tub! It may be brown, but still!


The boys room. It has some paneling and that border actually kind of goes with the cowboy theme of their room, but this is a tiny room. And it does not have a closet.


No, no. This is not the garage. This is the other side of the boys room. Really hoping all of that bulletin board is easy to get down!


The girls room. This is a good-sized room with two closets! And, they’re decent. It also has a ceiling fan and a great window seat.



From the bedrooms, looking back at the landing.



Every house is Salmon has a great view. You’d be hard-pressed to find one without a view of the river, or the mountains, or both.




Looking down South St. Charles. If you look closely, you can see the little Catholic church. The location is really great. We can ride bikes everywhere and it’s just a few blocks from SVBC.


This porch, though. It’s gonna be lovely.


The cat does not come with the house, much to Trey’s relief.


Well. That’s it! It’s pretty great. We’re excited. We go tomorrow to sign the lease.

The Secret Project

Yet another DIY. Our 11th anniversary is Saturday. Our gift to each other this year is the mattress and lovely materials for the headboard. But, I decided on one more little project to give Trey.

To transform this:


into something we can hang in our new bedroom.

First, I had to sand it.


Then I dusted it off and painted it white.



Then I had to let it dry. I also realized it was way out in the open for everyone to see. So, I hung up a tarp to keep prying eyes away.


Sunday I came home after lunch at Trey’s parents and did some stenciling. It’s kind of a mess. I really don’t care, though. I was so sick of DIY projects by this point that I just wanted it to be over. But, it’s not awful.


It’s the chorus from one of my favorite Blue Grass songs. I think the words are beautiful.

Today, I painted the frame.


I can’t wait to see our bedroom all put together in Idaho. We’ll have this piece, the headboard, and the frames I painted the other day. I’m excited!

God Love Trey Sapp

Well, I made a headboard for our new bed. I say “I.” It was “we.” We made a headboard. God love Trey Sapp. If I ever doubt that man’s love for me, all anyone will need to say to me is “buttons” or “staple gun” and I will be reminded of his deep and abiding love for me!

We had our brand new king-sized mattress. All it needed was a pretty bed to put it on. But, we don’t have one of those. So, I went to my favorite, don’t know how I ever lived without it website, Pinterest and started looking around at DIY headboards. That was at like midnight on Saturday morning.

I found one that I fell in love with.

It’s on a blog called: The Little Green Notebook (

I looked at that headboard thought, “I can do that!” By Saturday at 4:00, Trey and I were roaming the aisles of JoAnn’s trying to pretend like we knew what we were doing.

First we went to Home Depot. There, we bought the pegboard, which was the foundation of my headboard. Here is the Home Depot man, cutting it down to the right size for our bed.


After that, we headed over to JoAnn’s. I think we ended up being there for about 2 hours. We would look for something, yell at the kids, discuss measurements, yell at the kids, look for something else, yell at the kids, stand in line forever to have our fabric cut, yell at the kids, etc. Like I said, God love Trey Sapp. We finally got everything and headed home.

My goal for Saturday night was to get all my measurements figured out and all of my buttons made. Did I mention I had to make buttons for this project? Sigh.

Well, Trey did the math. My history-major brain just could not do it. Bless my heart, I tried. But, Trey’s a genius, so he did that and then put the circles around the holes in the pegboard of where the buttons would eventually go.



Next, I was going to start on the buttons. Oh, the buttons. Again, I gave that the old college try, but my weak hands couldn’t do it. Trey was talking on the phone with a friend, and finally grabbed all of the button supplies from me and made all of my buttons while he was talking on the phone. God love Trey Sapp.


While he was talking and making buttons, I set out to make the holes in the foam.




The tutorial on the blog said to cut out the holes in the foam, so that the tufts would be deeper. I’m really glad I did that, in hindsight.



Sunday, we did no work on the headboard. I had another (secret) project going on, so that took center stage.

But, today I got back to the headboard!

The first thing I did was attach the foam to the peg board with spray adhesive.



That was a challenge, because I had to line up the holes in the foam with the circled holes in the pegboard perfectly. Also, I wanted the plush part of the headboard to be a bit longer than the foam was, so I had to add on those extra pieces, like a puzzle.

Then I placed the batting and the fabric on top of the foam.



Then, it was time for my first button. I got the button in and through the fabric, batting, foam, and pegboard with no problem. However, the staple gun would not work! This is what the first hole looked like. Grrr!


So, I called our amazing neighbors, and their son brought their staple gun over for me to borrow. It was not easy, but their staple gun definitely worked better for me than ours.


And the first tuft was done!


A couple of hours later (not kidding), the first row was done. At this point I started to realize that it was going to turn out beautifully!


When Trey got home, he took over the stapling for me.


Things started to move a little faster with him helping me. He also cooked dinner for me, so that I could keep working! Super-Dad. Like I said, God love Trey Sapp.

At 10:45 tonight we stapled in the last button. By 11:00, we had finished stapling the fabric around all of theĀ  sides.




The back of the headboard is not pretty! But, it doesn’t need to be. The front is gorgeous! I can’t believe I actually made all of those tufts.



It’s not perfect, but I adore it. I can’t believe how well it came out. And I love that we did it together! God love Trey Sapp.