Easter 2015

Wow, is this overdue! I finally emptied the pictures off of my phone and had a few minutes to sit down. I can barely even remember Easter, but I know it was super fun this year! Haha! Here are a few of the highlights…

Good Friday (well, Sunday)

The kids love going to Cowboy Church. They don’t have Sunday School. They have Kid’s Coral. Duh! This particular Sunday, we had the cutest visitor EVER. A miniature donkey. If that doesn’t make the Bible come to life, nothing will!

Resurrection Rolls

We started something that will DEFINITELY be an annual tradition from here on out. Resurrection rolls! You take marshmallows and dip them in melted butter and cinnamon sugar. Then you wrap them in a refrigerated biscuit. It represents Jesus going in to the tomb, obviously. We baked them on Sunday morning, and sure enough, the tombs were empty! So exciting. The marshmallows melt and leave behind the empty biscuit.


We went to church Sunday morning, where I took approximately 150 pictures. It was pretty cold still, here in Salmon. Easter was hard this year. I definitely missed my family more than I had the entire time so far, even more than Christmas. For pictures, I missed standing outside with all of the beautiful Georgia azaleas.

Easter Dinner

This year a few of the families that don’t have family around got together and shared a meal. It was so fun. These people have become like family, when our own loved ones are so far away. Plus, the Gebhardts have horses, so yay!



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