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Idaho Falls

Every couple of months we like to get the heck out of dodge. On a day to day basis we don’t miss all of the restaurants and shopping, but ever so often we just get that urge to be around people! It’s also what I asked for, for my birthday. Before Christmas Trey had booked us a suite at a hotel right on the Snake River in Idaho Falls and we all loved it! Pool, breakfast, our own room! Perfection. So, that’s what he and my parents gave me for my birthday.

So, Friday afternoon right after work we headed out of town. Like, Trey had the van packed, everyone bucked, and it was facing south when I pulled in the driveway! Haha! We dropped off Buttercup at the Doggy hotel and then we hit the open road.

IMG_3890 IMG_3887

We drove through Wendy’s that night, which was a special treat for the kids!

The next morning, Trey let me rest and he took the kids down to the pool and to breakfast. It was so nice to be lazy! After we all got ready, we headed out to do some shopping and Chick-fil-A eating!

First, we walked around a little park right next to the hotel. I can’t wait to see it in Spring. You can tell it will be beautiful.

We hit up a Starbucks, which still had some Christmas Blend in stock! And then it was on to Target!

IMG_3928 IMG_3930

Everywhere we went on Friday, David wanted to find the Legos. Because he doesn’t already have a million…


I take pictures of books I want (but can’t necessarily justify buying at the moment when I have a million on my shelves waiting to be read). Who knew Mary Poppins was a series?!

IMG_3931 IMG_3934

We hit up several other stores that day, but my favorite was Hastings! This was a store my friend and coworker Jennifer told me I would love. And she was so right! Books, music, movies, comics, coffee! It was amazing. I could’ve spent hours in there!

Saturday we tied up a few loose ends, ate at Chick-fil-A one more time and headed back to Salmon. It was a beautiful drive. I love that you can see the Tetons when you first leave Idaho Falls. And Trey and I just love road trips. It’s when we seem to have those big “couple” conversations. And the kids even got along! Win win!

Trey had some work on the plumbing to do when we got home and I unpacked. We had done a Winco run, so had a ton of groceries. Here’s some of the things we got this weekend.

We hadn’t been back in Salmon for five minutes when David lost something very important! A TOOTH! It’s his first top one and he looks even cuter and more mischievous than usual!


And Buttercup was very happy to be home with us.


It was a great weekend, but there’s definitely no place like home!


Valentine’s Decor <3

My Valentine’s Decor collection has grown over the years. Discovering Hobby Lobby’s outrageous sales the day after any holiday was really helpful (and fun)! So, last year I stocked up (apparently, I’d honestly forgotten). I also got a couple of things from Zulily this year. If you’ve never done Zulily, you should check it out. Cute things at good prices.

My absolute favorite, though, is a gift that Madeline made for me this year at school! Like, it’s LEGIT pretty… not just I love it because she made it! It’s this beautiful coffee filter wreath.

I love love! Happy Valentine’s Day (belatedly) to you and yours!

The Flood

I just realized how isolated we are. Like, I knew it before. But, now I understand it. Because there is this huge thing that is happening all around me and I know almost nothing about it. There’s this flood. And it’s bad. But, in the grand scheme of things, I don’t know much. All I can tell you is the story of my day. There is no local news that I’ve been watching with reporters all over town announcing every detail in minutia. I walk out the door, wave at the neighbor (“y’all ok?” “yeah, we’re good”), take a few pictures, go back inside and walk around clumsily wondering how much I can really do to help with these four little humans around that still like, need to be fed and whatnot.

Trey and I had grand plans for the day. GRAND. My biggest goal was to not get dressed. He wanted to rent a movie (yes, there’s a movie rental place here) and the kids wanted to eat junk and watch TV. This kind of day made me feel guilty before I was working full-time. But now I know that it’s much-earned. Saturday is our Shabbat.

Around 11:30 I called my mom. We talked for a while, then she spoke with each of the kids. It wasn’t until about 12:15 that we got off the phone. I looked outside and noticed a lot of traffic going by. I also noticed a lot of water on the road. Also, there was grass! I haven’t seen grass in months. Literally, months. It’s not been snowing since November, but it did stay cool enough to keep the snow cover on the ground. Yesterday the high was about 52. Today it must’ve been about 60.

That seems pretty typical for a Georgia February. Not so for an Idaho February. According to my friend Heather, it’s usually below 0 this time of year. ZERO. So. With that accumulation of snow and the unseasonably warm weather, the snow had to melt. And it did. Causing the creek beds to rise and flood.

When I got off the phone with my mom, Trey had a message from a friend on his phone asking if we were ok. Were we ok? Sure. Why wouldn’t we be? Trey walked outside to see what he was talking about and then we really saw it. We saw this.


Notice the beautiful blue sky. It’s been a minute since we saw one of those! The yards across the street from us were ponds and rising with each passing moment. I’m a little special and don’t know how to post videos, but I wish I could. The water was just rushing down that alley right there. Down the street, across from the Catholic church was the worst that I could see. People were coming and going desperately trying to stop it. I guess at some point someone alerted the County. Again, it’s isolated so all I know is what I know. But, word of mouth started spreading and people started showing up to put sand in bags, then load the sand bags into backs of trucks, then drive around the area to see who they could help. And that’s pretty much what happened the rest of the day.

Everyone pitched in. People who live outside of town came into town to help out. I’ve never seen so many people drive by our house. It was all very exciting. Here’s the back of a truck I took a picture of. They were so sweet and stopped to ask us what we needed. Our yard was miraculously dry, so we pointed them in another direction.


As the waters continued to rise, Trey and I got more concerned. It started to cross the street and easily could have continued rising to our home. What’s more is that our bedroom is lower than the rest of the house. My inclination is to blow this kind of thing off, but I learned my lesson last year with Snowmageddon. I under-reacted and Trey was my hero by going into action (read more here). So this time, when he said “go” I WENT! We moved everything up. Save the books! Save Grandma Doris’ antiques! For the love of everything holy, SAVE THE WIFI ROUTER!

This is what our house looked like around 3:00 this afternoon.

Here are some other photos from my day.

While Trey and our neighbors rallied together to do what they could, this was what the sidewalk by our house looked like. Just across the street from the flood. Maybe, 20 feet.


I took this picture of Sean as we anticipated having to leave the house for the night. I just think it looks like something you’d see in a National Geographic. It could be captioned something like, “Local boy Sean Sapp, 8, looks across the street as the Kid’s Creek flood approaches his own house.”


Around 5:30, things started looking a bit better on our street. The sandbags were doing their job and the waters were beginning to recede a bit. By that point the kids were going a little stir crazy. I (who’ve done so great on my second Whole 30 this week) was not able to cook, because we still can’t use much water at this time, ironically. So, Trey picked up pizza. It’s my favorite, from Last Chance, The Rancher.


Not exactly “Whole 30,” but I do feel like I earned it after this day!

So, the house is dry and safe at the moment. Everyone is in their own beds tonight, and for that I am thankful. But, we’re not completely back to normal yet. There is still lots of stuff “up,” just in case things take a turn for the worse and we have to make a quick exit.

I don’t know what’s going on in the rest of Salmon, like I said. I’m looking forward to reading the paper (it comes out weekly). I know that Trey was in the home of a family we know that was a foot deep in water. I also know that I’ve never seen a community come together quite like this. Everyone pitched in. But, keep praying for Salmon. I’ll keep updating. And let’s continue to be amazed and in awe of this picture: