David’s LEGO Party!

Well, we ended up having to cancel David’s “friend” party this year, because we were all still pretty sick. But, I had put a lot of work into it, so we still did a pretty decent “family” party. He got cake and lots of candy, so I don’t think he minded too bad!

I’m super-proud of this cake. Honestly, if we’d had friends coming over, I would’ve been a lot more meticulous with the icing. But, I could barely stand up, so it is what it is! I still think it was pretty darn cute! I made funfetti cake layers, for a little extra color. I made the buttercream and then used Oreos as the LEGO pegs. It’s supposed to look like stacked LEGOS and I think it turned out pretty well! The LEGO men and blocks were super easy to make. I used a mold I found on Amazon, melted some white chocolate, added some food coloring and voila!

It was hard to find a LEGO font because everything is copyrighted, but I finally found this one. I just printed it up and glued it one red poster board. My intention was to hang it up, but again I could barely stand up, so this window sill worked!


I hand drew on these napkins and t-shirt to look like the different LEGO men faces. I stole that idea from a party my sister-in-law did for my nephew last year. I think they were so cute.

IMG_3072 IMG_3079

I had lots of games planned for all of his friends. Our family did one: Guess How Many LEGOs in the Jar. Aren’t we an exciting bunch? Sean won, incidentally.


At the end of the day, I think he felt loved and important and that’s all that matters. Happy birthday, David! You are a joy!

IMG_3070 IMG_3083


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