Last Week

I defy the best meteorologist on the planet to move to Salmon and try and predict what will be happening five minutes from now. Much less tomorrow or three days from now! I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Dark clouds will move in and cover the entire valley for hours. You just keep waiting for the downpour, but then the sky clears and it’s blue and hot as Hades! It has been very, very hot here the past couple of weeks. We’re so much closer to the sun, so I’ve noticed our vehicles get a lot hotter a lot faster. The one good thing is the lack of humidity… if you can find shade (which, let’s face it there’s not a ton of trees down here in the valley) it’s perfectly comfortable.

Anyway, last Monday was one of those dark cloud days. So, swim lessons were cancelled. Madeline was at Water Camp, so the boys and Charli and I went and played at the playground. Usually I give them about five minutes. Usually, I’m so hot we head out or they’re so hot they start wilting! But, because of the dark clouds they played for about an hour and I started reading a book that my friend Andrea had sent me!


Andrea’s husband helped with some editing, so he got a shout out in the Intro!


We met Trey for lunch that day at El Taco Grande. It’s kind of like Taco Bell, but we love it! Haha! For a limited time they’re selling pulled pork tacos and they are amazing! They’re Trey’s favorite food at the moment.

The rest of the week was normal stuff… swim lessons, constant contact, and me painting old furniture (one of my favorite pasttimes).

Charli is hilarious right now. She’s got a ton of personality (as usual) and barely takes the time to breathe she’s talking so much. She still has her old-lady tendencies, but we’re seeing more and more of her being a real kid and brave!




This guy lost his second tooth this week (and the tooth fairy even came on time, believe it or not!). I knew it was loose, so this time I was emotionally prepared.




Here’s the furniture I painted. This chest of drawers for the guest room was $20 at IKEA. I used some Annie Sloan chalk paint I brought from Georgia and some pulls I got at Hobby Lobby before we left and voila! Much better!


This piece I bought at my favorite local antique store, The Pack Rat (a very appropriate name, btw). It was just a wooden case and I think the black paint makes it look much better.


Thursday was the night that two of Madeline’s girlfriends spent the night. They were so sweet and the three of them had a blast!


Friday I took all the kids (including Madeline’s friends) to the pool. We spent the whole day there! It was so fun. I love having older kids. It’s such a surprise because I loved the baby stage so much. But, I love the freedom and independence they have now. It’s an easy trip to the pool, compared to the last nine years with swimmie diapers, wipes, sippy cups, hats, swimmies, and a million other things. Phew!


Clearly, not the best picture of me ever. But, I wanted to document this because Charli asked to get in the water. After stressing out with trying to force her last year, I completely let it go this year and decided I would never even mention her putting her little toe in. She definitely took the day to warm up to the idea. She started on the steps and put her feet in. Then, she stepped down up to her knees. Next thing I knew she was putting her face in! Pretty soon she asked me to take her deeper. She would let go of her monkey-leg grip on me and kick her feet. She even “jumped” to me a couple of times! It was a blast, and I do want to pat myself on the back for backing off and letting Miss Independence figure all of this out herself.


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