Another Day, Another Project

This one was pretty simple. I’m sure it’s something I saw on Pinterest at some point. But I wanted a cute, cheap bed skirt for our new bed. Mostly cheap.

Burlap is basically the only fabric I can and should work with, so that’s what I bought right before we left. I MISS HOBBY LOBBY wahhhhh!

Anywho, I basically just pinned it to the box springs.




Easy peezy. Maneuvering the king sized mattress around was not easy. When I tried to put it back on top of the box springs it started ripping all the pins out. So, I just waited for Trey and he muscled it up there for me.

It’s nothing fancy, but it makes the room look prettier!



One thought on “Another Day, Another Project

  1. Ginger Sapp

    That turned out so pretty – love it! Did you see the shared video of Amy Childers Griffiths house? I confess I still don’t really know how to work facebook – put your name on it but don’t know if it actually gets to you somehow. Its on my timeline anyway, I guess. Its got some wonderful ideas that sound like things you would love – simple, inexpensive, fun.


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