“New” Lamps

So. Have I mentioned how much I love the thrift store here? I’m pretty sure I have. I was there two Mondays ago. I saw these lamps:


I loved the shape and the base! I wasn’t completely crazy for the green or the flowers and convinced myself that Trey would be less than thrilled if I brought these home. He’s already been teasing me lately for my “old lady” style and I thought these might just put him over the edge.

But, as the week went on I’d think about those beauties just sitting there in the thrift store for $4 a piece. It would come on me when I’d least expect it: grocery shopping, walking into Odd Fellows, driving through town. I couldn’t escape them.

On Friday I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to see if they were still there. They were! I snatched them up and headed to Ace Hardware to buy spray paint. I was undecided on what color they would be until I saw the glossy apple red. That was it!

I came home and set to prepping the lamps to be painted. I’m sure that somehow I could’ve taken them apart and just painted what I wanted to paint. But I’m too lazy and don’t have the patience to figure something like that out. So, using camouflage duct tape, syran wrap, and plastice grocery bags, I covered up all the important parts.




Then I just went crazy with the spray paint.


The way the sun was shining this late in the evening and having stared at them for so long I kind of freaked out that they were orange, but once we brought them inside I was pleased to see they were fire engine red! Incidentally, I brought them inside and had to take them back outside about 3 different times because of rain (twice) and the white fluff from the cotton wood trees that’s been floating around town.

I let them dry overnight (amazing I had the patience for that) and took all of the plastic off on Saturday. At which point I went on Walmart’s website and ordered some cute lampshades for them. They arrived first thing this morning!


Ta-da!!! I’m so pleased. One is sitting next to the couch and the other is on the kids’ desk upstairs on the landing. I just think they have so much character! And I think we can all agree that I never would’ve thought to paint those flowerdy green lamps before Pinterest. Thank you, Pinterest!


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